Learn how to survive when it really matters.

Taking place in the woods at our Bryn-y-Moel site the aim of this session is to introduce group members to the art of basic survival. The four priorities of Food, Fire, Shelter, and Water will be covered, as well as emergency procedures and camp craft.

If this is done as a full day session it can be extended to an adventurous overnight bivi in shelters that the group design and erect themselves, with an evening meal cooked over an open fire.

With a, soon to be completed, traditionally built "Round House" at Bryn-y-Moel we also have a dry and in keeping venue to base this activitiy from. A real sense of history and tradition is felt whilst using the round house and oak woodland. The sky really is the limit with this activity - whether you require a half day introduction to bushcraft of a full week training course for your friends and family we can offer it.

The sessions are designed to give the group a knowledge of survival, but also to improve team work and social skills. This activity is a 'must' for would-be explorers and those who want to push their comfort boundaries. In a day and age when we are so busy, some time out, learning about our history, is a refreshing change.

Activities can include:

  • Shelter Building - use bashas, natural materials and ingenuity to stay dry
  • Fire lighting - try out different methods
  • Campcraft - make staying put as comfortable as possible
  • Wild foods - from shore to forest
  • Water Collection - How and where from
  • Safety in the Wild - Knowing and understanding your surroundings and tools