Kayak Sport at CMC Pensarn Harbour

We use RTM Mambo sit on kayaks as our introductory craft.  Closed cockpit kayaks, sea kayaks, surf sticks and open canoes are also available to be used.

Kayaking sessions can have a variety of aims, depending on the group. The session takes place out in the harbour next to the centre and can focus on development of paddling skills or on games and getting wet, or a mixture of the two.

For other groups, we might spend time exploring the harbour area and estuary. Kayaking helps young people to be more independent, although many of the games and activities we do involve working as a team and trusting each other. The actual paddling also helps to develop balance and co-ordination skills. CMC Pensarn Harbour is a Welsh Canoeing Association approved training centre and we are able to offer coaching courses, canoe and kayak star tests and the canoeing safety test. Please contact the centre for more information and availability.

We are also able to offer sea kayaking in tandem expedition kayaks. We head out onto the open ocean, and usually make our way along the coast to a scenic spot for lunch. Sometimes it's an endurance test through the wind and waves; other times it's a gentle paddle in the sunshine - and there's always a chance that you'll see the dolphins.

Paddle surfing on 'sit-on-top' surf kayaks is also available. Use a surf 'sit on top' kayak and paddle to catch the waves on the beach - it's easier to learn the basics than surfing, and there are more tricks to learn when you get good. Even on small waves it's exhilarating as you slide down the wave, and then try to control the boat as it bounces around.

This is an excellent small group activity, however, it is weather dependent! No waves means no surfing - so we may need to offer an equally exciting alternative.

Our Kayaking fleet:

Kayaking Award Opportunities

No experience needed, our qualified staff can run nationally recognised awards for you or your group.

Paddlepower is a Canoe England scheme; it is an exciting scheme that has been designed to meet the needs of young people.  We can offer the following award:

Paddlepower Start
An entry level award suitable for taster sessions or as part of a series of sessions.

This is great for individuals to take away after their visit and looks brilliant on CVs or as a kayaking foundation to work from.

After your CMC session/s your instructor will fill out the achievement certificate as proof of passing. This is at no extra cost to the overall session.

>>This is only available upon request.