Learn how to recognise where "there" is and how to find it!

Orienteering is a session that can be run in different ways, depending on the aims of the group. For some sessions, it is a challenge that involves physical effort, fast thinking and observation skills on our local course with the group dividing into different teams who compete against each other.

As a provider of the National Navigation Award Scheme, we are able to tailor our sessions to meet the criteria of the various awards, particularly the Young Navigator Awards - this will allow students to go home with a national award in navigation. NNAS Website.

All the orienteering sessions have an educational element and involve learning about maps and navigation. Hopefully, at the end of the day everyone will be able to use these skills to get back to where they started from.....

Orienteering provides a really good session to help develop young people's interdependence and confidence. It is one of the few activities where young people are allowed to venture out in their own small groups.

For younger groups, we have a photograph orienteering route.