Enrich your CMC Adventure experience with Explore!

Explore is a fully referenced, National Curriculum linked educational resource for key stages 2 and 3. It has been created to encourage your young adventurers to explore, discover, conserve and share their experiences with each other and further afield. The resource also supports the John Muir Award.

The pack includes a set of challenges, activities, worksheets and ‘explore points’ to encourage curiosity and to bring learning to life in a unique and inspiring way. Each activity has been created and developed by a qualified and experienced teacher to encompass the practice and development of literacy, numeracy and science. There are 12 subjects covered with a variety of activities under each subject. Each activity has been designed to be ‘stand alone’ so that teachers can pick and choose from the contents.

These resources are designed to be used by teachers either at school as preparation, reflection exercises or during your stay with us. The pack can be emailed or supplied on a USB stick in PDF format, which we will send you without charge upon request before your residential, so that you can print off anything you want to use at your convenience. We also have printed wire bound copies at the centre which you are welcome to use during your stay.

The activities are all specifically linked to the CMC Adventure activities and the local area to enable you to form an educational day from what we can offer. Upon request, our staff can tailor specific sessions to meet the requirements of chosen activities and work with teachers to deliver an educational adventure.