Welcome to Bryn-y-Moel, a purpose built outdoor centre in a beautiful setting. We are extremely excited to be able to offer accommodation and activities at CMC Bryn-y-Moel. Formerly run by Action Centres UK, we have worked alongside Bryn-y-Moel for a number of years and we are pleased to take the work of Bryn-y-Moel on and into the future.

Set in eleven acres of woodland, only a 15 minute walk from Pensarn Harbour, this purpose built and recently refurbished outdoor centre sleeps 40 in ensuite rooms.

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Due to Bryn-y-Moel's close proximity to Pensarn Harbour, the full range of adventurous activities are available and we are also able to use the grounds at Bryn-y-Moel to offer different activities.

The oak woodland at Bryn-y-Moel is ideal for orienteering, archery, wide games and camp fires. We are also able to offer a greater range of initiative challenges. Rock climbing is available onsite for primary schools and for people with additional needs.

We can now cater for groups of up to 90 across the two sites, but we are also very keen to welcome small groups to the centres.

  • Extensive secluded grounds
  • Unsurpassed group location
  • Onsite activities - orienteering, climbing, archery, challenge course
  • Activities at Pensarn - kayaking, sailing, canoeing, raft building
  • Offsite activities - mountaineering, rock climbing, gorge walking, kayak surfing
  • Hard court sports area
  • Fabulous cottage for family holidays and small group adventures

Free Visit

You and another group leader may visit the centre for a free overnight stay to come and see if we have what you need. Please contact the centre office to arrange a mutually convenient date.