So... how have we fared with ALL the weather this winter has thrown at us? Well. On the 3rd fo January 2014 the HUGE tides hit...

Pensarn harbour is extremely sheltered from the Irish Sea which is just as well. The beach took the battering from the waves, scouring about 3 meters of sand dunes away, but the waters rose and rose and rose at the Harbour. It came over the top of the harbour wall taking the pontoons off the top of the uprights and was about to flood the office and the staff accommodation when it suddenly went down by a foot or so.

This is because the sea defenses on the opposite bank gave way with a huge breach. This resulted in 100's of acres of farm land and about 5 dwellings flooded. The breach is being fixed as we speak - so for 7 weeks now, twice a day (with each tide) that land has flooded.  

Then...the wind did blow. Oh my, how it blew. At it's worst it was force 10-12 on the 12th February. Bearing in mind a force 6 is gale force, gives you some idea of how strong the wind was.  Trees came down all over the place.  At least a dozen came down at our Bryn-y-Moel site.  The roads were all at grid lock due to fallen trees.  Our dart 16 sailing boats blew into a jumbled mass destroying one mast and we lost some slates from the roof both at Pensarn Harbour and Bryn-y-Moel.  We do, however, feel very fortunate that no more damage was done.  However, it this week has been lovely with NORMAL weather. A bit of respite!  Lets hope we have seen the last of the extreme conditions.

This winter has been worse than any of us remember. Lets hope that this is a one off!