Element 2 : Ty Cychod (working title)

Element 2 – Cychod (working title)

‘Tŷ Cychod’ translates to ‘Boat House’, which will be a ‘fit for purpose’ home for boats and watersports equipment to replace the current shed storage facilities around the site. This new store will occupy one of the current external buildings (currently the office), providing a lower maintenance, more secure and more weatherproof building for the equipment.

Amalgamation of existing sheds

Existing sheds (labelled 1-4) will be removed and the contents stored in the Tŷ Cychod. The new Tŷ Cychod will enable all watersports equipment to be stored in one place and improve the day to day operation of the centre. The location is more appropriate for use as watersport storage due to its close proximity to the water. The new facility will include secure boat storage, a well organised wet storage room, and a mezzanine upstairs store.

Environmental Sustainability

The boat house will have increased ventilation and air flow around the equipment allowing things to dry better. Improving the condition of watersports equipment through more effective storage will increase equipment longevity. Improving the longevity of equipment will reduce CMC Adventures carbon footprint in the long term and improve the future sustainability of CMC Adventure.