Invest in your future – gain skills and qualifications leading to a career in the outdoors.

Invest in yourself through being immersed in the outdoor environment for 2 years, enjoying the benefits the outdoors can give you.

Invest in a Christian Charity providing “opportunities for adventure and outdoor education in a welcoming and inclusive Christian environment”

Invest in others through the life enriching work of CMC Adventure.

Invest in your faith as part of a Christian team.

Joining CMC I was shy and not very confident in my physical abilities. However, in my 2 years as a Trainee Instructor I did and achieved things I never thought I could with the support of a close team, that felt more like being part of a family.
In my time I even spent 4 months in India, achieved numerous qualifications and loved it so much I stayed an additional year inspiring young people!

Trainee Instructor