Open canoes, with 2-3 people in each boat, mean that teamwork and communication are essential to make the boat go where you want it to. Canoeing takes place in the harbour, and the session might involve a journey to explore the area, playing games, learning and practicing canoeing skills, trust games and/or getting very wet.

Although at first it seems to be a similar activity to kayaking, actually it places much more emphasis on working together and listening to instructions.

CMC Pensarn Harbour is a Welsh Canoeing Association approved training centre, we are able to offer Coaching courses, Canoe and Kayak star tests and the Canoeing Safety test. Please contact the centre for more information and availability.

Canoe Award Opportunities

No experience needed, our qualified staff can run nationally recognised awards for you or your group.

Paddlepower is a Canoe England scheme; it is an exciting scheme that has been designed to meet the needs of young people.  We can offer the following award:

Paddlepower Start
An entry level award suitable for taster sessions or as part of a series of sessions.