Element 1 : Y Caban (Working Title)

Element 1 – Y Caban (Working Title)

‘Y Caban’ is Welsh for ‘The Cabin’ which holds the heart of the organisation, where everyone gathers at the beginning and end of the day. This is a new purpose built external building to include offices and administration facilities, staff meeting room, accommodation for staff, and changing rooms for non-residential groups using Pensarn Harbour.

Administration Facilities

The development of the administration facilities is critical to enabling CMC Adventure to move forwards. The increased administration facilities will create the room needed for the current complement of staff to be more efficient and effective in their work. Additional room has also been included for the expansion of posts as the centre grows and the required administration tasks increase in the future.

Corner windows have been used to celebrate views down and across the estuary from the office whilst also providing natural surveillance over the site. The large staff meeting room upstairs will be a flexible space for staff meetings, board meetings, staff training and hospitality for visiting potential beneficiaries.

Changing Facilities

The changing facilities in Y Caban are for our non-residential groups, including groups staying at Bryn Y Moel, local schools, local children attending Adventure Days and Holiday visitors. The facilities will include two group changing rooms each with two toilets and two showers, two individual changing rooms for adults, one of which will be accessed from the quay wall side so that it can be offered to yacht club members, and one large accessible changing facility. These facilities are a great improvement from the current shed, and the use of the two communal toilets inside the harbour guest accommodation.

Staff Accommodation

A new section of staff accommodation will occupy half of the first floor of Y Caban. This will include 4 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/lounge living space. The staff accommodation area is private from all other areas. The bedrooms are on the South facing side of the corridor giving residents a view to the mountains and privacy from residential groups. Increasing the number of bedrooms available will enable us to ensure single rooms rather than shared, and improve the living environment for those living on-site.