Serve the team. The team is at its strongest when team members are supported by other team members.

Serve the guests by making them feel welcome, always being willing to help, and by paying attention to the detail.

Serve CMC Adventure. Be willing to do what is needed to ensure CMC is a centre of excellence.

Serve God by serving each other, the guests and CMC Adventure.

Being part of an outdoor residential centre goes well beyond the outdoors. Volunteer Trainee instructors are involved in a number of other aspects of centre life alongside their roles in the outdoors. These include:

  • Going the extra mile for our guests
  • Maintenance of the buildings and grounds
  • Decorating
  • Looking after equipment
  • Cleaning the centres
  • Kitchen duties
  • Sharing your faith

Being involved in every part of running an outdoor centre means you gain skills in building and garden maintenance, the running of a kitchen, building projects, kit maintenance and checks, and you learn the importance of working hard as a team.

Trainee Instructor