Beach Study

Did you know that Llandanwg beach is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because it is one of the few places in the UK where honeycomb reef can be found!

It doesn’t matter what age we are; we all love a bit of rock pooling!

Go for an explore on Llandanwg beach just 15 minutes’ walk along the estuary from Pensarn Harbour. This is an educational session where learning takes place through activities, games and discovery.

Did you know that limpets clamp onto rocks until the tide comes in, at which point they become active and move around eating algae using their tongue! But the amazing fact is, they return to clamp onto the same spot on their rock every time the tide goes out!

Possible beach studies could include:

  • Compare and contrast the local beach here with another beach you have been to.
  • Do a scavenger hunt and learn about the wildlife on the beach.
  • Consider and discuss how pollution is affecting our coasts and what we can do to reduce it. 
  • Look at the human influences on the beach and in the estuary. 

We can tailor this session to complement learning in schools for both primary and secondary age with subjects such as sand dune formation, tides, long-shore drift and man-made sea defences all within easy reach on Llandanwg beach.