Development Projetcs

We strive to continually improve what is on offer for guests here at CMC Adventure. There is an ever increasing need to maintain and develop outdoor centres as access to the outdoors becomes increasingly difficult for young people from urban environments. Every investment CMC is able to make in its service is a step in the right direction to helping as many people have the opportunity to visit the great outdoors and experience some of the wonders of the natural world.

Below you will find CMC Adventures latest development projects.

To read all about our upcoming and probably biggest Development Project, click here!

The growth of CMC adventure since our first pontoon was installed in 2007 led us to need to increase the space at the waters edge to create a more manageable and enjoyable space for guests and instructors. The project aims to alleviate congestion on the pontoon as multiple sessions launch and land and increase the space available at the waters edge for those with mobility aids including wheelchairs. The project also includes drive on storage for powerboats which will increase their longevity and free up pontoon space for groups.

The extension will remove the barriers that may prevent anyone from taking part in watersports at CMC Adventure.

We are so grateful to Sport Wales, The Runton Dolphin Trust and a number of individual supporters of CMC Adventure for their contributions to this project!

The extension was installed on the waterfront on the 18th and 19th May 2021.

Our 2021 sailing fleet development project was launched in 2020 to raise the funds to add 3 new Fusion Sailboats to our fleet at CMC Adventure. This need for a more diverse fleet of sailing boats was a result of the success of sailing over the past 15 years. CMC Adventure needs to be able to accommodate and include as many different people as possible and be able to offer a range of sailing opportunities.

We are hugely grateful for those who have supported this project including The Anchor Foundation, The RYA Foundation and individual supporters of CMC Adventure.

We are delighted to report the arrival of our 3 Fusion Sailboats on the 28th May 2021 and we look forward to sharing sailing success stories as these boats are put into action!