National Outdoor Learning Award

The National Outdoor Learning Award, often referred to as NOLA, provides a structure to help children reflect on what they have learnt during their outdoor adventures about themselves, others and the environment. 

Programmes are not changed at all to incorporate NOLA. The whole CMC Adventure residential lends itself to the award. We simply include time during your stay for the children to reflect on their experience and complete the Record Sheet.

Therefore, we would like to offer all primary schools the opportunity to enrich their programmes with NOLA.

The award identifies three main areas of Outdoor Education!

  1. SAFE: The children concentrate on all aspects of a safe, positive and encouraging group environment.
  2. RESPECT: The children learn to appreciate and respect themselves, their friends, their teachers, and the environment.
  3. LEARN: The children discover ways of engaging with new information, facts, skills, values and fun. 

The image below shows the 18 statements included in the record sheet for reflection.

Each child receives a small badge to celebrate their completion of NOLA and their achievements in the outdoors. This is free of charge.