First Aid Training

Remaining calm in an emergency situation is only possible if you know what to do.  Outdoor First Aid training at CMC provides you with the right amount of knowledge and practical skills to help someone else when they need it most.

Our course providers not only deliver first aid courses for approved first aid training organisations, they also have extensive real world experience putting the very skills they will teach you into practice.

Whether you need a course to support and validate existing outdoor qualifications or you feel you need to be better prepared for your own adventures attending a course a CMC Adventure will help you remain calm in an emergency.

We are able to offer the following courses.

Outdoor First Aid

This course is perfect for people working in the outdoors as leaders, instructors and guides.  The course takes place over 2 whole days and satisfies the criteria for first aid from National Governing Bodies such as Mountain Training, British Canoeing and the Royal Yacht Association.  It also leads to an Emergency First Aid at work certificate.

A perfect balance of classroom learning, outdoor scenarios and continuous assessment that leads to a confident understanding of first aid and the practical skills required.

Please make sure you bring with you full outdoor clothing and waterproofs.

First Aid at Work

Held over 3 days this is an opportunity to look a little deeper at First Aid and why we use the interventions we do.  First Aid skills are best kept simple but performed very well.  Knowing what you need to do in an emergency and proceeding calmly and efficiency gives our casualty the best hope of a full recovery.  It can be as simple as calling the emergency services quickly or as complex as keeping a hypothermic casualty from getting worse.  This course leads to a First Aid at Work certificate (24 Hours.)