Bereaved Families Holiday

A family holiday specifically for those who have been widowed and their dependant children.

The hosts of this holiday have a passion for providing support to those who have been widowed, having experienced it themselves, through providing this supportive, action packed holiday on the stunning coast of North Wales.

CMC Adventure provides an exciting programme of different activities run by qualified and experienced instructors with a high level of supervision. Check out the Activities page to see what you might get up to! All specialist equipment is provided.

All you have to do is turn up and be willing to take part! There will be opportunities to have fun as families, spend time together, and make lasting friendships.

After a busy day in the outdoors you can come back to relax in the centre and its stunning surrounds and enjoy a home cooked meal.

Please contact the office for further details and prices, and to be put in touch with the holiday organiser.

“The time we spent at CMC Adventure was.... I can't actually describe it. The relief that comes from being with people who understand and empathize with the challenges you face is invaluable and immeasurable.”

A Mother who attends our Bereaved Family week August 2023

“I have two young children and so we can't access many activities at home. If one child can't go because they're too young - we all have to stay behind. But here, I know there's always someone available to help, someone who won't judge - and so my oldest child can join in with activities while I look after my youngest child, and I know people will look out for him.”

A Mother who attends our Bereaved Family week August 2023

“The activities on offer at CMC Adventure are varied, and incredible, and the instructors are great at including and encouraging everyone to take part. When you are living with grief, making new memories is a really important part of moving forward. It helps you recognize that life is still worth living, and that there are beautiful moments to be experienced. ”

A returning member of our Bereaved Families weekAugust 2023