Wilderness Skills

Spend half a day or longer learning real world expedition skills to use when camping in wilderness environments!  This session is perfect to tie in with the John Muir or National Outdoor Learning Award.

Learn how to stay safe and well in the wilderness focusing on how to safely make a shelter, light a fire and filter water.

We introduce the use of simple yet reliable high-quality expedition equipment on this session including Millbank filters, Tarps, Ferrocerium rods and a Fire Tripod. Learn to respect the woods and value the natural environment.  Learn about the trees and plants and some of their usages and understand how important they are to our very survival! 

This adventurous learning takes place within the woodland on our Bryn-Y -Moel site.

If you think this might be your group’s cup of tea or even hot chocolate, why not extend it to include a baked potato supper and a night out under the stars!