Secondary Schools & Colleges

Increase capabilities as individuals and members of society through Outdoor Learning!

We would like to work with you to provide the outdoor education that your students need.


  • Broaden minds with new experiences and new environments.
  • Encourage working together to achieve and conquer.
  • Build self-belief and confidence through overcoming fears and challenging activities.
  • Take a break from cities, enclosed spaces, and screens. Experience fresh air and learn from wild, open spaces.
  • Learn more about themselves.
  • Learn how they interact with others through team experiences, living in community and getting out of their personal comfort zones.
  • Tailor a specific curriculum based or specialist programme to complement subjects such as GCSE Geography, Physical Education, Adventure Leadership, or the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Examples of tailored programmes we have run for schools and colleges

  • Climbing specific programme including 2 different crags and an indoor climbing wall for students doing a GCSE climbing module.
  • Mountain navigation sessions, expedition preparation and a 2-day mountain expedition for students working towards a GCSE mountain module.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award training programme including expedition training sessions and an overnight expedition.
  • Canoe expedition training.
  • Geography field trip: Exploration of different sections of the river including source, waterfalls and estuary. The source was explored on a Hill Walk, the waterfalls were explored whilst Gorge Walking and the estuary explored by Kayak or Canoe.
  • The John Muir Award included in all aspects of a multi activity programme (See Awards and Certification)


If you would like a programme tailored towards environmental education, why not incorporate the John Muir Discovery Award into your programme!

This award aims to help young people appreciate and value nature, urban greenspaces and wild landscapes.

Click here to find out more about the John Muir Award

If any of your group have special educational needs and/or disabilities, please get in touch to discuss any specific ways in which we can ensure that we can cater for everyone in your group.

Click on SEND Students to find out more about how we can cater for those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. 

We would love to work with you!

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