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‘Friends of CMC Adventure’ 

Friends are people who have a link to CMC Adventure and wish to stay in touch and support the work of the centre. Whether you came here as a group member, group leader, member of staff, family of a member of staff past or present we would love to stay in touch with you!

Your link to CMC Adventure might be from many years ago, perhaps you came here as a child, or perhaps the link is new. It doesn’t matter how you know us or when you discovered us, join our ‘Friends of CMC Adventure’ and we will keep you informed about what is going on.

Our communications with our Friends include:

  • Regular Newsletter by email
  • Invitation to our annual complimentary Friends and members Weekend and AGM.

How can our friends support the work of CMC Adventure?

  • Tell others about us! Encourage new schools, youth groups, churches and adults groups to consider coming to CMC Adventure. Let people know about the Adventure Holidays they can come to at CMC Adventure.
  • Bring a group to CMC Adventure
  • Raise funds for sponsorship
  • Attend our annual Friends and members weekend.
  • If you feel able, pray for the work of CMC Adventure

Providing your details below is one way you can become a friend of CMC Adventure.

This will add you to our Friends mailing list and you will receive our newsletter emails.

Alternatively, you can email the office at to become a Friend.