Trustee Opportunities

CMC Adventure is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees.

The Trustees come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring together a range of skills and experience to support CMC Adventure. The board of trustees have the exciting and rewarding role of considering the strategic direction of CMC Adventure. Their role is to be aspirational for the future, agreeing goals and targets in line with the charity’s objectives that will continue to enable CMC to develop and thrive for future generations.

The Trustees are collectively responsible for ensuring that the charity runs effectively and efficiently, fulfilling its charitable purposes. They aim to make balanced and informed decisions about CMC Adventure, considering both the short-term needs and the long-term sustainability of the centre.  They also hold the legal responsibility of ensuring that CMC Adventure complies with charity law.

One of CMC Adventure’s charitable objectives is “to advance the Christian Faith” (Mem and Arts), written in 1966 when the Charity was set up. This objective remains unchanged, and our Vision today is “to encourage young people and adults to develop an awareness of the wonders of God’s creation and to explore the Christian faith through exciting and challenging outdoor activities.” Therefore, as with all staff and volunteer positions at CMC Adventure, there is a genuine occupational requirement (Equality Act – part 1, schedule 9) that a Trustee of CMC Adventure is a committed Christian, and able to sign the required Statement of Faith.

In addition to being a committed Christian, it is important that our Trustees understand the value of Outdoor Education and the long-term impact of a residential outdoor centre experience.

The skills and experience required on the Board of Trustees include:

  • Accounting skills
  • Legal knowledge
  • Financial advisor
  • Connections with funders who provide resources to the third sector.
  • Fundraising skills
  • Experience in managing a building development project.
  • Experience in Schools
  • Experience in the Outdoor Education sector
  • Experience in Youth Work
  • Experience in governance / previous trustee experience

CMC is always keen to hear from those who are interested in becoming a Trustee of CMC Adventure. If you are interested in this post, can identify with any of the skills and experience in the above list, and would like further details, please contact us to be put in touch with the Chair of the Board of Trustees.