Project Overview

The proposed design

The project will bring about some major improvements!

Increased Capacity

The new building will have 74 beds, an additional 22 beds from our previous 52 bed capacity. This will enable our larger groups to stay together at Pensarn Harbour, rather than being split across 2 sites or 2 separate weeks. This will improve efficiency, logistics and the quality of our service.

Improved Inclusion

Improvements will be made to the accessibility of the site both inside and outside. For residential guests there will be two wheelchair-accessible en-suite bedrooms and an indoor lift giving access to all floors. For non-residential guests there will be a wheelchair accessible changing room with WC and shower. Outside will be wheelchair friendly with ramps to all entrances.

Improved Facilities for Non-Residential Guests

The project will vastly improve the current lack of facilities for non-residential guests and Bryn Y Moel groups with new changing rooms, showers and WC’s in the new building separate to the accommodation building.

Improved Facilities for Staff

The project will provide new administration offices complete with reception, open plan office, individual offices, staff room and changing facilities for instructors. There are also 2 new areas for staff accommodation.

Improved Environmental Sustainability

We have a responsibility to operate as environmentally sustainably as we can. The project has given us an opportunity to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency. Better insulation, solar gain, mechanical heat recovery and zone-controlled heating systems are some of the methods included in the plans to become more energy efficient.

Improved Safety

The flood risk maps for Pensarn Harbour change significantly in April 2023 placing some of our current bedrooms in a tidal flood risk zone. The new design has moved all sleeping accommodation into an area of the site that is outside of the flood risk zone making it safe for our guests and ensuring future sustainability for CMC Adventure.