Pensarn Harbour Development Project

A new exciting chapter is ahead for CMC Adventure Pensarn Harbour! 

We are very pleased to share with you our plans for a building project to enhance and modernise the facilities at Pensarn Harbour.

Project motivations

It is our desire to provide our guests with the highest quality of service in all aspects of our provision including comfortable, fit-for-purpose accommodation that exceeds current expectations. We believe that a modernised and fully refurbished centre will vastly improve our quality of service, improve the energy efficiency of the facility and provide the opportunity to expand our service to reach more people.

Improving our quality of service

CMC Adventure moved to Pensarn Harbour from Tremadog in 1998. A small refurbishment project on one side of the building was completed in 2000 (still known today as the refurb!). The other side of the building (the cabins) was built in 1983 and has been maintained but never fully refurbished in its 38 years of use. So the buildings have been continuously accommodating guests for 22 years on one side and 38 years on the other without any major works. It has had countless coats of paint, new carpets, window replacements, a new boiler and general maintenance on wear and tear over these years to keep it going. This well-loved and well-used facility is now in need of extensive development work to ensure its sustainability for future generations to enjoy.

Improving the energy efficiency of the facility

Old stone building present a challenge when it comes to energy efficiency! Old stone buildings are also important parts of the culture and heritage of Wales, and the buildings at Pensarn Harbour hold a huge amount of history that we want to protect. CMC is embracing the opportunity to target a low carbon energy performance. There are many new modern technologies that make it possible for Pensarn Harbour to vastly improve energy efficiency whilst preserving the historical features that tell the stories from the past. The combination of improved insulation and low carbon technology to supply core energy needs, will reduce unnecessary energy use and off-set remaining carbon emissions. This will reduce our operating costs in the long-term, enabling CMC Adventure to operate more sustainably.

Expanding to reach more people

CMC Adventure has recognised that many schools are increasing in size and now have 2 classes per year. By adding 20 beds, we will be able to meet the needs of these schools by enabling them to stay on one site. With double class schools able to stay at Pensarn Harbour, we would be able to offer Bryn Y Moel to different types of groups during key weeks of the year, increasing our reach and appeal.

The motivation to create a state-of-the-art facility that will provide amazing residentials for people to benefit from over the next 50 years is ultimately driven by the need for outdoor education in a residential setting particularly in young people. There is overwhelming evidence to confirm the significant lasting impact of outdoor learning in education, and an increasing need to ensure that it is prioritised by schools so that all children regardless of their background can gain the benefits from outdoor experiences.  We are motivated to make the required improvements and extensions to CMC Adventure to protect our future existence, and continue to increase participation in activities that promote wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.