Frequently Asked Questions

One of CMC Adventure’s charitable objectives is “to advance the Christian Faith” (Mem and Arts), written in 1966 when the Charity was set up. This objective remains unchanged and our Vision today is “to encourage young people and adults to develop an awareness of the wonders of God’s creation and to explore the Christian faith through exciting and challenging outdoor activities.”

It is therefore an Occupational Requirement (Equality Act - part 1, schedule 9), that the post-holder is a committed Christian, and all staff are required to sign a Statement of Faith.

None at all. We will teach you everything!

You do need to know that you have a passion for the outdoors as you will spend a lot of time out there, rain or shine, and most of your training will take place in the winter.

An interest in learning how to rock climb, mountain walk and kayak / canoe so that you are able to help our guests enjoy these things is essential.

Enthusiasm for the outdoors. You will need to invest a lot of personal time to gain experience and refine your skills

A willingness to be involved in all aspects of life at CMC Adventure from instructing to domestic duties to maintenance. All staff undertake additional duties which enable the Centre to go that “extra mile” for our guests.

A desire to share you Christian Faith with those who visit the centre. Sometimes there are opportunities to share our testimonies, but more often than not our witness is through our actions and the way we serve.

A willingness to work hard.

We have an intake in September every year, as much of the training happens between September and March.

There are sometimes opportunities to begin the programme at a different time of year depending on your circumstances. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss joining the programme at a different time of year.

A commitment of 2 years is necessary to become qualified in the qualifications we offer. The first year is usually spent learning, gaining experience and consolidating training, with assessments in the second year so that you are as ready as possible.

However, we are very open to having one year volunteers and are happy to talk about a one year option if that is all you have and you are interested in coming to us for one season. However, it is unlikely to include the completion of NGB assessments. Do get in touch if this may be of interest.

We encourage all of our trainee instructors to work on all 3 elements of the programme including mountain walking, rock climbing and paddling. This is because these are the activities we offer our guests at CMC Adventure and our volunteers play a big role in assisting these activities during our busy season. Much of the training also happens with the other trainee instructors in your year group, which means that there would be no alternative training to the rock climbing on rock climbing training days.

Never say never! Get in touch if this is you, and maybe it is a fear you can overcome through spending 2 years with us taking part high quality training with our experienced instructors.

Yes. This programme is not just for those who want to pursue a long-term career in the outdoors. For some it is an opportunity to do something different, spend time serving God on a Christian team and expand their skillset before heading off on a different career path afterwards. The skills gained through working in the outdoors are life long skills that would benefit many different career paths.

We will provide all the training you need to give you every chance of being ready, but it will require a fair bit of effort from you. It requires committing to the qualifications right at the start and using your own time to practise what you have been taught and getting the log book days and experience you need to go for assessment. There are assessment prerequisites you must meet for all assessments. Two years is ample time to complete the awards we offer within this programme. We will give you the training and lots of opportunities for practise, the rest is down to you!

The programme generally suits people between the ages of 18 and 30 but this is not a rule.

Volunteer Trainee Instructors receive exactly the same time off and holiday entitlements as our permanent staff. (2 days off per week and 30 days holiday per year).

Staff accommodation is split between Pensarn Harbour and Bryn Y Moel. On both sites, the staff have their own shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. We have a limited number of bedrooms and so there may be a requirement to share a room.

We accept applications at any time of year. Please see the ‘Application Process’ page for more information.