Support CMC Financially

Supporting those in financial hardship

CMC Adventure firmly believes that no one should be prevented from coming on an outdoor adventure residential due to financial hardship. Those who may not be able to afford it are often the ones who would benefit the most. It is therefore our desire to enable everyone to access our service.

What we offer in terms of activities, accommodation, and quality costs more than we are able to charge even as a standard price. Our staffing model assists with keeping our prices low and our staff ratios high, through a heavy reliance on volunteers on a mutually beneficial Trainee Instructor Programme.

Group leaders play a huge role is helping to support us financially, understanding that what we offer is costly. They work hard to raise funds through sponsored events, jumble sales, grant applications and local sponsorship to reduce the financial burden on parents and carers. They are fantastic in exhausting every financial avenue open to them before they ask us for help.

But they do still need help to provide this opportunity for their young people.

CMC offers the following help to enable those who are financially disadvantaged:

  • We discount places for children in particular need.
  • If a child needs 1 to 1 support, we will offer a complimentary leader place.
  • Twins receive a discount.

This is where your donation makes all the difference, whether it is a one off or a regular donation every one of them makes a real difference.  We believe it is right to maintain high standards of quality and safety and that regardless of a person’s financial background they should be treated with equality whilst staying with us.

To give you an idea:

  • A donation of £360 would allow us to offer a 50% reduction to a low-income family with twins in the same year at school.
  • £200 covers the cost of a visiting ancillary member of staff without whom a child would be unable to attend.
  • £90 would enable us to offer a 25% discount to a child in a low-income family.
  • A donation of £50 would replace a worn out buoyancy aid or cover the cost of three fleece tops for children to use whilst with us.
  • £10 replaces a broken shower head or buys a new set of bed linen.

Supporting the development of CMC Adventure

In making CMC Adventure as financially accessible as possible, we also periodically require larger donations and financial support that is required for specific projects.  These have included over the years new heating systems, mattresses, vehicles, pontoons, sailing boats, kayak fleets, building refurbishments and development projects.

Our ‘Development Projects’ page has some information on the latest projects underway at CMC Adventure. There may also be new projects or equipment needs waiting in the wings. If you are interested in supporting a specific project please contact our Centre Director, Mark Downey and he would be happy to discuss options with you.

How to donate

One off gifts, regular donations and legacies are all ways of donating financially to CMC Adventure. It is worth remembering that as a UK tax payer, any donations made under Gift Aid are increased by 25% as a result of reclaiming the tax from the government.  Please contact us for a gift aid form should you need one.

One off gifts: One-off gifts can be made through the button below.

Regular Donations: If you would like to set up regular giving via your bank account, please contact us for our account details.

Legacies: CMC Adventure is a special organisation for many people and some have financially supported CMC in their will.  It is often a very timely blessing when we receive support via someone’s will and also bittersweet as the individual is well known to us.

Thank you for your support!