Overnight Expeditions

Simplify life for a couple of days and take this opportunity to be surrounded by nature! Get completely away from everyday life and experience the peaceful wilderness. It is refreshing, challenging, adventurous and memorable. It encourages group cohesion, independence, organisation, and appreciation for the natural world around us. This is an amazing experience which even primary aged children can do.

For the younger ones, we camp at local campsites and do shorter walks to and from camp with the majority of camping gear waiting for them at camp!

The older ones carry everything they need to be fully self-sufficient and venture further out into the mountains with more challenging walks to and from camps. They can go for one, two or three nights depending on your aims.

The expeditions will include supervised campcraft where groups cook their own food. We will teach everyone how to put up and take down their tents and teach navigation for those who wish. We can offer expedition training for those taking part in DofE or link the expedition to a curriculum if it is part of a specific module.