Sailing is a fantastic sport teaching you to control a boat by harnessing the elements. Even a small amount of skill is rewarding as you feel the boat respond to your command. People of all abilities can take part, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner. With our fleet of Laser fun boats, we are able to teach the basics and then let you sail in pairs or on your own with an instructor coaching you from a power boat. They are the simplest boats to get started in and so even primary aged children can take full control of their own dinghy.

If you have sailed before or would like a different sailing experience, we can take smaller groups out on catamarans or a bigger mono hull dinghy. Pensarn Harbour has plenty of space to sail around in and if the conditions are gentle, we often head out of the harbour mouth and sail in the massive expanse of Tremadog Bay where the dolphins have been known to come and play whilst our sailors are out there having the time of their lives!