CMC adventure brings out the best in young people. My students have thrived there. It has allowed pupils to try new experiences in a safe environment, which builds self-confidence. It is an especially healthy environment for young people to learn how to work effectively with others. (Secondary School Group Leader)

Many of my students had never left London city centre life, so being able to experience the countryside and outdoor pursuits broadened their minds on what the UK is about and how people can learn from nature. They have brought stronger, more cohesive friendships and relationships with teachers back to school which has helped their learning and development further. CMC helped boost their well-being hugely. (Secondary School Group Leader)

You cannot measure the value of the stay. The children all developed in their own personal ways and will take their experiences with them throughout their lives. (Primary School Teacher)

At CMC Adventure the young people are supported and encouraged to be more independent in many ways. They are encouraged to try new things, new activities, new foods, and independently look after themselves. Over the years we have been coming to the CMC, many parents have said to me how much they see a change in their child after a week at CMC. Their independence has increased, usually with things that we might consider quite small, but for our families these are significant and life changing. (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities School Head Teacher)

Many of our students are from very low-income families. For some of our students, coming to CMC is their first ever holiday of any kind and so it carries huge significance in their lives. This may be their first time away from family, first time seeing the countryside, first visit to the seaside and experience walking on sand or going in the sea. We have the privilege of being part of forming these lasting, positive memories for our young people. It also gives all our young people an opportunity to get away from the often turbulent and traumatic norm of their lives and take time out to consider issues of life and faith. The impact for many goes well beyond the actual experience of the week. Feedback from students many months, and even years after their time at CMC, shows that what happened to them whilst at CMC in Wales was life changing. (Youth Leader)

We switched to using CMC Adventure at Pensarn approximately 5 years ago. This has been one of the best decisions we have made and would absolutely recommend any school looking for high quality outdoor adventure to use this centre.

Why CMC Adventure? Everything from the amazing experiences and high quality support the children get in every session, to the excellence of the equipment, resources and other gear the children use to the warm and welcoming family atmosphere that the centre has created - the whole package ensures that by the end of the week every child has made progress whether it be in their self-confidence or in a specific skill. (Primary School Head Teacher)

The best way of describing it is that the holiday provides a form of healing for the young people, a form of therapy, of rehabilitation. (Youth Leader)